Extracampine Hallucination

Extracampine hallucinations are false perceptions that occur outside the limits of a person’s normal sensory field.

Thus, an individual at one location may see or hear another individual from miles away. Patients often give delusional explanations for this phenomenon.

‘I know that there is someone behind me on the right all the time; he moves when I move’, ‘I keep on hearing them talking about my disease down in the post office’ (half a mile away)

Extracampine hallucinations are experienced outside the limits of the sensory field, outside the visual field or beyond the range of audibility.

Extracampine hallucinations are not indicative of any specific diagnosis, as they occur in schizophrenia Opens in new window, epilepsy Opens in new window and other organic states and also as hypnagogic hallucinations Opens in new window in healthy people.

The phenomenon is quite definitely experienced as a perception by the patient and not just as a belief or an idea.

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